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  Studio Photography Course
Photographers often think about setting up a small studio in their homes. With the cost of studio lighting coming down, many will want to have try of this interesting and demanding area of photography. We spend the day on the theory and practice of studio photography using a number of subjects.

Starting with the camera settings suitable for studio use we move onto studio lighting options and equipment choices. Then we look at the way that we will use the equipment that we have in the studio here. Since we have two studio sets we split the group into two groups and work through a simple project with each of the sets.

Although this course is designed as an introduction to studio photography many students have said that it is an excellent way to learn more about their camera, setting modes, colour balance and controlling lighting.

  • Different Sets
  • Professional Lighting
  • Different subjects
  • Camera settings
  • Choice of lighting
  • Metering
  • Setting the Lights
  • Introduction to light balance

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